lydia martin appreciation week: day 2 - favorite outfits/hairstyles

i s   h e   m a d   o r   i s   h e   r i g h t?

              hand on my heart -  m o s t   d a y s  h e ’ s   b o t h .

c: you asked me if you’re a good man, and the answer is, i don’t know. but i think you try to be and i think that’s probably the point.
d: i think you’re probably an amazing teacher.

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Anonymous: what do u look like??? :)

i thought i posted my face too much haha. uhm this was a week ago hi



September 02 2014 {♥ 3}

I realized, all my life, I have been alone. Walls up. Nobody’s ever been there for me except for you. And I can’t lose that. I cannot lose my family. Family? Friends. Whatever. You know what I mean.

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TEEN WOLF “the rubble or our sins” (fanvid)

a video focusing on the core five: Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia & Derek.

This video is seriously amazing. Like i have to come out of the tags to tell you how amazing it is so that you don’t just scroll past it and not watch it. Because it captures the last three seasons of teen wolf perfectly, focusing on the core characters, and makes you feel a billion things. So watch and reblog this (feel free to delete my review when you do). You won’t regret it.

Banshees don’t predict danger. They predict death.

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Kate Beckett + her mom’s ring

"Wherever she is she’s proud".


Matt Smith - Fan Expo Canada (x)


Matt Smith - Fan Expo Canada (x)